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BlockChain PostCard Service
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BlockChain PostCard Service

The first service "PostCard" in the BlockChain

Do you want to send a Postcard to friends or relatives?
Send a Postcard to Blockchain.
And your letter will never be lost.
Accompany the Postcard with text, a photo and send it to the correct address.
And your loved ones will always be able to read your letter.
What is the advantage of this letter?
This postcard will never be lost.
The letter can be accompanied by tokens.
They still cost a little.
But who knows what will happen in a few years?
And maybe in a few years it will be very pleasant to read your letter again.

Send a PostCard for Blockchain?
It's simple!
You only pay the cost of the transaction on the Ethereum network.
You need: 20 minutes, your fantasy and 0 (zero) ZXBT token.

How it Work

1. Open the page in a new window (tab): "PostCard". Fill out the forms. 
Use optimized images and texts weighing up to ~ 10kb. Encode images in Base64.
Use the Content Editor if necessary.
Enter the text of your PostCard in the section of the table with the text: "Text" (instead of this text).
Fully save the web page. Optimize (Notepad++). And convert code the page to "Base64".
Use the Base64 Online Converter service or other similar services.
The maximum postcard size is not more than 32 kb.
Before the resulting code, paste: "data:text/html;base64," (data:text/html;base64,you code ...)
Paste the resulting code into Google Chrome's browser line and you see the web page with your document.
2. Send a Postcard in blockchain at address Ethereum, which you need.
Use the properties of the ZXBT token.
Use the video guide: YouTube

Your PostCard is send!

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